Glove Your Body Dual Tanning Application Mitt

So I had spotted this mitt over the last couple of weeks in a few magazines and had a wee look on their Facebook page and was intrigued. 

So I got hold of the Mitt on Friday and couldn’t wait to use it, I have 4 ordinary mitts in the bathroom and let’s be honest they are crap, prone to tearing, I find that the texture feels awful on my skin, the mitt slips and slides when I am putting on tan and over the last while I had given up using them and had resorted to using my hands and then frantically washing my hands to remove the tan after!!

“Our revolutionary self- tanning applicator mitt has been designed to give a professional and flawless streak free finish with no mess when used for applying mousse, lotion or liquid tanning bronzers.”
So at first glance I thought the mitt was a bit big but after a minute or two I got used to it, I love the fact that the finger inserts keep the mitt in place and there is no slipping or sliding of the mitt. The product seems to last longer and I don’t think I used as much product as I would normally using the standard mitts. There is no fear of the mitt tearing which has happened to other mitts, I felt the tan went on more evenly. You can use both sides which is really handy, it covers the wrist area too so no getting tan on there. I used Cocoa Brown 1 hour tan – dark shade.

The mitt is suitable for all types of self-tanning lotions, mousse, gels and sprays. Dual function. Streak-free application. Suits right or left handed. Machine washable. Can be tumble dried. There is a travel bag included too.

It is retailing at €19.99 which I had thought was a little pricey but not anymore, the four mitts I have now binned would have cost me nearly €20 anyway. I would definitely recommend picking up one of these mitts if you are a tanning addict like me!! You can get yours at